Animations and interactive presentations for the library

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This project involved preparing two animations and five interactive presentations for Provincial and City Public Library in Rzeszow. The main animation, that we present to you, shows a historic book, holy bible named “Biblia święta, tho iest, Księgi Starego y Nowego Zakonu”. The book was made in the year of 1536 and at present is stored in the collection of the Library. The animation allows one to admire rich decorations and beautifuly caligraphed texts.

The music for the animation was composed and recorded also by us.

The second animation presents possible applications of the RFID technology to improve the borrowing and returning books to a library. We present a few still frames from the animation below.

In addition, we also prepared five interactive presentations of books that were chosen by the Library. They are either old and historic, or unique in some way. The presentations allow the user to freely look at the books at any angle and browse a few first pages. The presentations will soon be available on the Library’s website. We also include some still frames below.

Client: Provincial and City Public Library in Rzeszow

Still frames showing RFID application in a library


Still frames from the interactive presentations of books

Książka 1Książka 2Książka 3Książka 4Książka 5