NPF’s FingerPainter

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A teaser of our new mobile painting app designed for kids. It offers some unique and interesting features, yet it is extremely easy to use. Even youngest kids will be able to paint and have loads of fun.
It will be available soon for free at Google Play or in web browser.

Program features and additional info:

  • Very simple and intuitive interface which your kids will love
  • 32 vivid colours to choose from
  • Various paintbrush sizes
  • Two paintbrush types – soft / hard
  • Random dots size option
  • 12 various background colours, to change at any moment
  • Unique function of dissolving new paint strokes with already painted elements gives fantastic results with no effort
  • Switching between painting on upper layer and dissolving with already painted elements
  • Intelligent eraser clears each dot separately
  • 8 different predefined stamps, each of them of various kinds, painted randomly
  • Pictures can be saved
  • The most important testers of our app are kids and their comments were considered while developing the program