Spherical panorama of the Regional Museum in Rzeszów, Poland

Muzeum w Rzeszowie 1Muzeum w Rzeszowie 2Muzeum w Rzeszowie 3Muzeum w Rzeszowie 4Muzeum w Rzeszowie 5

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A set of spherical panoramas presenting the Regional Museum in Rzeszów, Poland. It was created for the Virtual Museums of Podkarpacie project, and can be run from the above link. Despite the extremely high resolution, it can work swiftly and efficiently even on slower internet connetcions. Apart from going from one point to another (including using a map or thumbnails), a few hotspots were placed on panoramas. By clicking them, user can for instance play an animation, watch 3D model of an exhibit, etc.

Client: Regional Museum in Rzeszów, Poland

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