Animations for the Multimedia Museum on the Cliff in Trzesacz, Poland

Trzesacz is a small village situated on Polish West coast, near Rewal. Its main place of interest are ruins of a gothic church built at the turn of XIV and XV century, about 2 kilometers from the seashore. Erosion process caused the cliff to deteriorate and the shore got closer and closer to the church. Last mass was held on 2nd March 1874. In 1901 first wall collapsed. Further parts of the church were succesively destroyed in later years. Today, only a fragment of its southern wall remained. In 2001, in order to protect it, an artificial cliff was built.

These ruins are one of a kind in Europe.

In 2000 the Multimedia Museum on the Cliff was opened. In May 2014 it will be reopened in completely new version. For this occasion, in cooperation with New Amsterdam agency, we have created two animations, that will be an essential part of the new exposition in two of four new multimedia chambers. Below we present a series of static shots from both of the animations. Obviously, full animations are available only in the Museum.

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First animation illustrates the process of erosion at the seashore since XV century until present time. The most difficult part was to create coastline with realistic waves crashing the shore, as well as showing various weather conditions (from calm sea to a storm). We also didn’t forget about some neat details, such as swinging trees or realisticaly moving clouds. The animation also shows collapsing of the cliff due to waves activity. In its last part, we show the building of the artificial cliff and the observation deck.

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The second animation refers to a legend, in which the first wall of the church collapsed during an evening mass. This exact moment is shown in the animation. One can see shimmering light of candles, rain pouring and bouncing off the window panes and darkness being lit by lightnings. Meanwhile, the cliff under the wall is gradually collapsing. In the culmination the wall doesn’t stand the pressure – glass shatters, wooden frames are turned into splinters, finally the whole brick wall collapses into the sea, showing its raging waves. This all creates very dramatic mood. The main part of this animation was to simulate the wall collapse according to the laws of physics, as well as showing furious Baltic Sea.

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