Animations for Kielce Technology Park, Poland

morze 1morze 2morze 3morze 4

morze 1morze 2morze 3

morze 1morze 2morze 3

We have prepared 12 animations for Kielce Technology Park in Poland. They were conceived as a background for an installation of wind turbines, which speed can be controlled by the viewer. Our task was to create animations, that would correlate with the speed of the turbines in three various sceneries – city, valley and seashore. For each scenery we prepared four animations dealing with different wind speeds – from windless weather, through a mild wind, stronger gusts, up to a storm. In order to achieve that, we animated many elements of the scenery, such as trees, grass, bushes, waves, umbrellas or a flag. Moreover, we enriched the animations with secondary movement, like people or birds. Since all the animations had to be seamless, the most difficult task was to loop all the animated elements – especially the chaotic movement of foliage. All the animations were prepared in double fullHD resolution.
Due to the fact, that full animations can only be presented in Kielce Technology Park itself, we are showing only a set of frames.

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